There are many different types of accommodations available for your stay in Japan. However it is recommended that you stay within reasonable distance from the tattoo studio during the period you will be having your ink applied. This is to minimize any problems or unexpected delays getting to the studio for your appointment.

Depending on the area you will be visiting there are generally hotels or traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) in most parts of the country. Hotels can range from the conventional chain hotel to the more lavish luxury or boutique locations. Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns with tatami mat rooms and futon instead of beds. They generally have Japanese style shared baths and many of these inns provide breakfast and dinner as well. Like hotels, ryokans can vary widely in pricing.

Conventional hotels can be broken down into two general catagories. Hotels as you would find within western culture, and business hotels. Business hotels tend to be affordable, but have much smaller rooms,are a little more spartan and cheap for a single person.

If you would like us to arrange your accommodations during your stay please let us know well in advance. Depending on the location of your artist and their studio we will let you know of the options available to you.