Can I See a Sketch Before My Tattoo?

When Can I See My Tattoo Sketch? Most artists work from a tattoo sketch they’ve designed ahead of time. This may be a sketch that is then copied to transfer paper.  This special paper is then used to apply a stencil to the recipient’s skin. Less often this sketch can be used as a reference [...]

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Tebori Tattoo in Japan

How to Get a Tebori Tattoo A tebori tattoo is usually done in the same order as conventional tattoos.  The outline is done first followed by shading. These days for tebori tattoos most artists use machine for the outline followed by hand tattooing for the shading. This is because of the inordinate amount of time it [...]

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Preparing for Your First Tattoo Experience

Preparing for Your First Tattoo Experience What can a person expect for their first tattoo experience? They can expect to have an awesome time. So long as they come prepared and in the right state of mind. Whether large or small, your first tattoo experience can determine how you feel about your tattoo. That's [...]

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Traditional Japanese Tattoo: Tebori

What is Tebori? Tebori is the Japanese term for tattooing by hand. Te (手)meaning ‘hand’ and bori (彫り) meaning ‘to carve’. The word ‘carve’ might seem a little… aggressive.  However it is the same verb used to describe the woodcarving done by the ukiyo-e artisans that carved the woodblocks used to produce ukiyo-e prints.  'Horishi’ [...]

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Speaking Japanese for Irezumi (Japanese Tattoos)

Is Speaking Japanese Necessary for Your Tattoo Consultation? Japanese is not widely spoken outside of Japan. This can create difficulties if the tattoo artist and customer don’t share the same native tongue and they need to discuss the desired creative vision. Japanese tattoo artists can further compound this issue because they often use terms and vernacular that [...]

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