Traditional Japanese Tattoo: Tebori

What is Tebori? Tebori is the Japanese term for tattooing by hand. Te (手)meaning ‘hand’ and bori (彫り) meaning ‘to carve’. The word ‘carve’ might seem a little… aggressive.  However it is the same verb used to describe the woodcarving done by the ukiyo-e artisans that carved the woodblocks used to produce ukiyo-e prints.  'Horishi’ [...]

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Japanese Tattoo Animal Motifs and Meaning

There are many different motifs that you will see recurring in Japanese tattoos and for many people this symbolism becomes important when planning your first Japanese tattoo.  Many of these have roots in traditional Japanese religion, folklore, literature, and art (ukiyo-e).  Therefore Japanese tattoo animal motifs can be full of symbolism.  Consequently these meanings can be difficult [...]

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Japanese Tattoo Flower Motifs and Meaning

There are many different motifs that you will see recurring in Japanese tattoos.  Many of these have roots in traditional Japanese religion, folklore, literature, and art (ukiyo-e). Learn about these motifs for inspiration and discussions with your tattoo artist. A list of animal motifs can be found here.  Below are brief descriptions for some of the [...]

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The First Irezumi Invasion Tour is in the Books

After a long month, spent first in Vancouver and then travelling to Toronto, the first legal tattoo tour in Canada has come to an end.  And being the first tour of its kind in Canada wasn't the only precedent being set.  This past weekend was the first ever live tattooing in a national museum.  The [...]

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Come Join Us at the ROM

Come join us for live tattoo demonstrations at the Royal Ontario Museum! Canada's largest museum has been an incredible host. This past Friday Horinao and Horiren attended the Friday Night Live evening event where they sketched and painted some very impressive works on short notice and got to interact with attendees at the ROM. There were [...]

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Irezumi Invasion in Toronto

After an incredible time tattooing in Vancouver, including the Irezumi Invasion Art Show, the Irezumi Invasion Tour spent a few days on Salt Spring Island (more about that in another post!) before pulling up stakes and travelling across the country to Toronto.  Canada's largest city (and third largest in North America after New York and Los [...]

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Irezumi Invasion Tour – Week 1

After around eight and a half hours in the air - and then a few more hours at customs and immigration... - Horimitsu and Horinao officially touched down in Vancouver! Arriving in Vancouver. The first day was spent adjusting to the time difference and enjoying some of the sights that Vancouver has to offer.  Spring and [...]

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Live Demonstration at the Royal Ontario Museum!

Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren will be conducting live tattoo demonstrations at the largest museum in Canada!  On the May 28th-29th weekend from 10am-5pm this one of a kind event will showcase three of Japan's best tattoo artists working on actual clients in a live setting.  It is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness traditional tebori [...]

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