Live Demonstration at the Royal Ontario Museum!

Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren will be conducting live tattoo demonstrations at the largest museum in Canada!  On the May 28th-29th weekend from 10am-5pm this one of a kind event will showcase three of Japan's best tattoo artists working on actual clients in a live setting.  It is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness traditional tebori [...]

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Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016

The soft launch of the Irezumi Invasion Canada 2016 tour began not too long ago and requests for sessions have been fast in coming! The tour begins this May first visiting Vancouver (May 4th-15th) and and then Toronto (May 19th-31st).  Both Horimitsu and Horinao will be in Vancouver and Toronto spanning both sets of dates .  And [...]

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The Japanese Convenience Store and Tattoo Prep

The Japanese Convenience Store and Tattoo Preparation Being tattooed can be a strenuous undertaking. It has nothing to do with being tough, resilient, or any of that nonsense. Pain can be relative, and some will find the process more or less painful depending on the location of their piece and their relative pain tolerance. That [...]

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Cycling Japan: A Guide for a Two Wheeled Adventure

Bicycling in Japan Cycling Japan is easier for visitors to jump into because bicycles are ubiquitous in Japan. Although probably not quite as popular as somewhere like the Netherlands, bicycles are a very common and easy way of getting around in Japan. The bicycle culture should leave you feeling safe either bringing your own bike [...]

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Changing Perceptions of Tattoos in Japan

Changing Perceptions of Tattoos in Japan Stigma towards tattoos in Japan sounds pretty unpleasant, right? Artists being arrested, fear, gangsters, and banned from hot springs. It doesn’t sound possible for a country that has so strongly influenced tattoos as an art the world over. From the media, movies, surveys, and reports it seems as though the [...]

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Tattoo Stigma in Japan and Its Origins

Tattoo Stigma in Japan and Its Origins It’s common knowledge to many that tattoos aren’t generally looked upon with favor in Japan. Mind you it would be a bit of a stretch to claim tattoo stigma doesn't exist abroad.  Saying that inked skin doesn’t still carry some negative perceptions in the West doesn’t hold up. This [...]

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The Suikoden and Japanese Tattoos

The Suikoden (The Water Margin) This print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi depicts Ju'unryu Kosonsho from the Suikoden. The vivid colours and movement in the picture make it easy to understand why these print series became so popular. They're gorgeous. The Suikoden is the Japanese translation of a classic Chinese novel titled Shui Hu Zhuan. [...]

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Flying in Japan

There are a few primary international airports if you plan on flying around Japan. Narita (this airport handles most of Japan’s international flights and is likely where you will arrive in Japan) Haneda (Japan’s busiest airport accommodating most of the domestic flights there) Osaka (this airport has an increasing number of international flights offered there) [...]

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Train Riding Guide for Japan

Traveling by train in Japan is a culture unto itself. In large cities, like Tokyo or Osaka, the trains can seem frenetic.  Packed to bursting with a non-stop barrage of possible connections and transfers to buses, subway, and other trains. And it can get busy…  The jam-packed trains that occur during rush hour in Japan [...]

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