A Subtly Sarcastic Guide to Taking a Taxi in Japan

There is a taxi found on most major roadways in large cities and they can often be found at the central train or bus station in smaller towns. Much like the rest of the world they are easily recognizable by the lights on the roof of their vehicles. Taxis also have a green license plate you can [...]

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Speaking Japanese and Traveling

Hopefully part of your tattoo experience includes plans to travel while in Japan. Traveling in a country where you don’t speak the native tongue can seem a little daunting. But hopefully this doesn’t negatively effect your decisions while planning your trip. Signage for pubic transportation, especially train stations, is increasingly available in Romanized spelling as [...]

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Speaking Japanese for Irezumi (Japanese Tattoos)

Is Speaking Japanese Necessary for Your Tattoo Consultation? Japanese is not widely spoken outside of Japan. This can create difficulties if the tattoo artist and customer don’t share the same native tongue and they need to discuss the desired creative vision. Japanese tattoo artists can further compound this issue because they often use terms and vernacular that [...]

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A Rental Car in Japan is Easier Than You Think

Sometimes a Better Option Than a Bus Public transit goes most places in Japan. But sometimes you want the freedom to travel anywhere you’d like, anytime you’d like. A rental car is a great option if you prefer driving and there’s a group of you travelling. If you have lots of luggage you may prefer having [...]

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Advice to Follow During Your Travel in Japan

Once you get to Japan you may want to travel around. And we definitely think you should! But far be it for me to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do on this one of a kind experience. However Japan is quite possibly as different from Western culture as it can get.  It offers [...]

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