Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren will be conducting live tattoo demonstrations at the largest museum in Canada!  On the May 28th-29th weekend from 10am-5pm this one of a kind event will showcase three of Japan’s best tattoo artists working on actual clients in a live setting.  It is perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness traditional tebori (hand-carving) tattooing being applied.  This event is the culmination of a month long tour spanning Vancouver and Toronto.  It is being put on in partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) as an extension of the Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. exhibition.


Horiren tattooing a client.

For those of you that are as yet unaware, the ROM has been playing host to the Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art. exhibition for just under a month so far.  This new exhibition is originally from Europe where it opened to critical acclaim in 2014.  After two years at the Musee du quay Branly in Paris the exhibition has travelled across the ocean for a stay in Canada’s largest museum until September.  This new show opened to the public in Toronto on April 2nd.

The collection of tattoo and tattoo-related art and paraphernalia spans the history of tattoos in human societies and also the various cultures, both traditional and contemporary, that have tattoos.

For the show in Toronto, ROM curators have added a few unique pieces from the museum’s collection and they’ve also included a unique section on North American indigenous tattooing!  There is also a series or events and lectures based around the exhibition.  A description of these provided from the museum is included below:

  • May 10th: Tunniit: Retracing the Lines of Inuit Tattoos
    In this engaging and personal documentary, filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril examines the lost practice of tattooing amongst Inuit women in Northern Canada. Following the screening Arnaquq-Baril  discusses the challenges faced by these communities as they struggle to reconcile ancient and colonial traditions.
  • May 26th: ROM Daytime: Borneo: Explorations of Nature and Culture
    In this talk, ROM curator Dr. Chris Darling will discuss the exploration of the biological and cultural diversity of the world’s third largest island with particular reference to historical and modern tattooing traditions.
  • June 14th: The Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Tattooing: Medicine, Myth, Magic and Meaning
    Join world traveller and leading anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak, The Tattoo Hunter, as he shares his ongoing journey to understand how tattoos and other forms of body modification “make” the people who wear them.
  • June 16th: Art Fusion
    Presented in partnership with Northern Ink Xposure.  International tattoo artists bring their remarkable skills to the ROM!  Artists will create collaborative art in the midst of museum galleries, live music, and entertainment.  Access to the exhibition is included.

These are sure to be very interesting and exciting!  Now included amongst these events is the Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th live tattoo demonstration with Horimitsu, Horinao, and Horiren.  They will be at the ROM from 10am-5pm.

Save the date!  We’ll see you at the ROM!